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IGCP 565 Project Workshops

A main activity of the IGCP 565 Project is the organization of a series of five annual workshops in the time window between 2008 and 2012. The workshops aim to facilitate coordination of the research and capacity building within the frame of the IGCP 565 Project. The first workshop will review the current status of research and technology with respect to the extraction of hydrological signals from geodetic observations with the goal to identify current gaps, challenges and obstacles. The second workshop will focusing on future satellite gravity missions, while the third workshop will address issues related to data processing, technique integration, modeling and interpretation. The last two workshops will be devoted to hydrological applications, particularly in developing countries, and they will bring in end users from the wide area of regional water management. The results of these workshops will be documented in workshop reports and published in appropriate journals. The results are expected to promote an improved understanding of mass redistribution in the water cycle, in particular, changes in groundwater; better exploitation of the space-geodetic observations for hydrology; and societal benefits through an improved knowledge basis for regional water management.

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