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IGCP 565 Project Workshops

Synopsis of Workshop 2 (2009): Ensuring continuous satellite gravity missions

The Second IGCP 565 Workshop will focus on dedicated gravity satellite missions and address the mission requirements, options for the design of the missions, options for the deployments and mission operation, and participation in the science and operational mission teams. With respect to short-term actions and an immediate GRACE-follow-on mission, particular emphasis will be on the participation of emerging space agencies in Africa and Asia. For more longer term missions, the options for high accuracy gravity missions will be considered both from a scientific and technological point of view.

The workshop will be organized in cooperation with major organizations such as the space agencies, GEO, and relevant Communities of Practice. It is intended to develop a road map for future gravity satellite mission that is agreeable to the stakeholders present at the workshop. The workshop output will be a summary report with specific recommendations for mission design, operation, and operational products, including specific recommendations (and possibly agreements) for the implementation of a GRACE follow-on missions.

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