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IGCP 565 Project Workshops

Synopsis of Workshop 1 (2008): Science of geodetic monitoring of the hydrological cycle

The First IGCP 565 Workshop will review the state of the art in understanding the quantitative fluxes in the global water cycle, consider the relation between geodetic observations and mass changes in the main reservoirs of the water cycle, and clarify the open science questions that the geodetic observations can help to reconcile. Issues to be addressed will also include the modeling of the signals of water mass redistribution in the geodetic observations, the improvements in data processing and geophysical modeling inherent in geodetic analysis that are required in order to preserve the unbiased water mass signals in the geodetic observations and products, the integration of in situ and geodetic remote sensing products, and the relation between the geodetic signals and mass redistribution in the terrestrial hydrosphere. Besides a workshop summary report, the output of the workshop will be several review and research/position papers published in proceedings or an special issue of an appropriate journal.

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