Workshop 5 (October 29-30, 2012):

Participating Organizations:

Hydrogeodesy Tutorial (4 hours, day and time to be determined):

Hydrogeodesy Tutorial at the 13th Annual WaterNet Symposium
Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 10:40 to 16:00

Hydrogeodesy Tutorial: Using Hydrogeodetic Data for Water Budget Studies on Local to River Basin Scales

Special Session at the
Johannesburg, South Africa

Conveners of the Tutorial

Andiswa Mlisa, Jay Famiglietti, Jean-Marie Kileshye Onema, Norman Miller, Hans-Peter Plag, Ben Zaitchik.

1040 - 1300:Block 1: Theory, Data and Use
1040 - 1200:Hans-Peter Plag: Introduction to Hydrogeodesy (abstract, presentation)
1200 - 1300:Norman Miller: A Brief Tutorial on Data Assimilation with Hydrologic Applications (abstract, presentation)
1300 - 1400:Lunch Break
1400 - 1600:Block 2: Supporting the Users
1400 - 1445:Andiswa Mlisa: Earth Observation Methodologies for Groundwater Exploration and Monitoring (abstract, presentation)
1445 - 1545:Andiswa Mlisa: Earth Observation for Water Management, a GEONETCab toolkit (abstract, presentation)
1545 - 1600:All: Discussion

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