Workshop 5 (October 29-30, 2012):

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Hydrogeodesy Tutorial (4 hours, day and time to be determined):

IGCP 565 Project Workshops

Hydrogeodesy Tutorial: Using Hydrogeodetic Data for Water Budget Studies on Local to River Basin Scales

Special Session at the
Johannesburg, South Africa

A Brief Tutorial on Data Assimilation with Hydrologic Applications

Norman Miller
Earth Sciences Division, Berkeley National Laboratory, Department of Geography, University of California at Berkeley

Data assimilation is a method in which observations are used as initial conditions to update numerical simulations with an optimal interpolation. Such nudging techniques have been traditionally used in numerical weather prediction, where the forecast state and initial state are minimized. Here we will provide a historical overview, a discussion of the basics of data assimilation, and an application of assimilation techniques to climate and land surface hydrology.

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