IGCP 565 Project Workshops

IGCP 565 Workshop 5: Water Security for Africa: Bringing Together Research, Monitoring, and Managing

October 29-30, 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa

Workshop Program:

The first day of the final IGCP 565 Project Workshop will focus on the science of hydrogeodesy and its relevance for water security in Africa. The second day will present specific projects that contributed to IGCP 565 goals of using hydrogeodesy to regional water cycle studies, and then move on to the challenges for application of hydrogeodesy in regional water management in Africa. The final session will be devoted to a forward look and the potential of hydrogeodesy for improving water safety in Africa.

The program below is very preliminary and both session titles and individual presentation titles are likely to change over the next weeks. Participants are urged to submit abstracts for contributed presentations as soon as possible to allow for a development of the program.

In addition to the two-day workshop, IGCP 565 is also organizing a Tutorial Session on hydrogeodesy in the frame of the program of the WaterNet Symposium. More information on the tutorial will be made available here soon.

Monday, October 29, 2012

0830 - 0900:Registration
0900 - 1030:Session 1: Opening
0900 - 0910:Norman Miller, Hans-Peter Plag: Welcome
0910 - 0920:Andiswa Mlisa: Welcome
0920 - 0940:Richard Gross: The International Association of Geodesy's Global Geodetic Observing System (abstract, presentation)
0940 - 1010:Hans-Peter Plag: IGCP 565: Hydrogeodesy: The development from 2008 to 2012 (abstract, presentation)
1010 - 1030:Norman Miller: IGCP 565 Follow-On: The next five years (abstract, presentation)
1030 - 1100:Coffee Break
1100 - 1245:Session 2: Hydrogeodesy: The observational capabilities
1100 - 1130:Hans-Peter Plag: Hydrogeodetic observations: current and future technologies (presentation)
1130 - 1200:Jürgen Kusche, Annette Eicker, and Henryk Dobslaw: GRACE products for hydrology (abstract, presentation)
1200 - 1230:Richard Gross and Felix Landerer : Integrated geodetic observations in support of hydrological studies (abstract, presentation)
1230 - 1245:All: Discussion
1245 - 1400:Lunch Break
1400 - 1445:Keynote Douglas Cripe & Toshio Koike: Water for Africa: The contribution of GEO and the Water Cycle Community of Practice (presentation
1445 - 1545:Session 3: Hydrogeodesy: Modeling
1445 - 1515:Jürgen Kusche, Annette Eicker, and Maike Schumacher: Integrating hydrogeodetic data and models: towards an assimilative framework (abstract, presentation)
1515 - 1545:All: Discussion
1545 - 1615:Coffee Break
1615 - 1800Session 4: IGCP 565 Research Projects
1615 - 1620:Hans-Peter Plag: Introductory Remarks
1620 - 1650:Andiswa Mlisa, Chris Hartnady, and Sheila Imrie: GNSS Methodology for Groundwater Resource Assessment, Gateway Wellfield, Hermanus (abstract, presentation)
1650 - 1720:Chris Hartnady: Hydroseismicity and (hydro)geodetic monitoring for Southern African water and energy development (abstract, presentation)
1720 - 1800:All: Discussion

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

0900 - 1030:Session 5: Hydrogeodesy and its applications
0900 - 0930:G. Mahed, T. Blume, A. Gunter, and de M. Wit: Time series analysis of rainfall events and the gravity response at the Southern African Geodynamic Observatory, Sutherland (abstract, presentation)
0930 - 1000:E. Kapangaziwiri and J. Mwenge Kahinda: Exploring uncertainty in the water resources estimation chain in southern Africa (Abstract, presentation)
1000 - 1030:All: Discussion
1030 - 1100:Coffee Break
1100 - 1230:Session 6: The Science-Science, Science-Policy, and Science-Public Interfaces in Regional Water Management
1100 - 1120:Hans-Peter Plag: Towards a Community Workbench for Hydrogeodesy (abstract, presentation)
1120 - 1140:Stefano Nativi et al.: Towards a transdisciplinary science interface: the model web (presentation)
1140 - 1230:All: Discussion
1230 - 1400:Lunch Break
1400 - 1545:Session 7: The end of IGCP 565: A new beginning?
1400 - 1420:Hans-Peter Plag: What did we learn from the IGCP 565 Project? (presentation)
1420 - 1440:Norman Miller: Hydrogeodesy: Can it help to reach the Millennium Development Goal for Water in Africa? (abstract, presentation)
1440 - 1530:All: Discussion: Where to go from here? (presentation)
1530 - 1545:Norman Miller, Hans-Peter Plag: Concluding Remarks
1545 - 1615:Coffee Break
1615 - 1845:Belmont Forum Proposal Meeting (by invitation)

In case of problems, mail to info@igcp565.org.