Science and Work Plan

Organizational background

The IGCP 565 Project

Project Team Members and Contributors

Project leaders are:
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Plag (Lead), University of Nevada, Reno; Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and Seismological Laboratory; Mail Stop 178; Reno, NV 89557; USA
Dr. Richard S. Gross, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Mail Stop 238-600; 4800 Oak Grove Drive; Pasadena, CA 91109-8099; USA.
Prof. Dr. Markus Rothacher, GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ); Telegrafenberg A17; D-14473 Potsdam; Germany
Now at: University of Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Norman L. Miller, Berkeley Water Center, Associate Director; Climate Science Department, Berkeley National Laboratory; Geography Department, University of California, Berkeley; 90R2012 One Cyclotron Road; Berkeley, CA 94720; USA
Prof. Susanna Zerbini, Department of Physics; Sector of Geophysics; University of Bologna; Viale Berti Pichat 8; 40127 Bologna; Italy
Chris Rizos, Professor and Head, School of Surveying and Spatial Information Systems, The University of New South Wales; Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia

Project participants include:

  • C.J.H. Hartnady, Research and Technical Director, Umvoto Africa (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 61,Muizenberg, South Africa 7950.
  • Richard T Wonnacot, Director, Survey Services, Chief Directorate, Surveys and Mapping, Private Bag X10, Mowbray, 7705 South Africa.
  • Jong Uk (James) Park, Director, Space Geodesy Division, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, 838 Daedeok Daero, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon 305-838, Republic of Korea, e-Mail:
  • Ruth E. Neilan, Director, International GNSS Service (IGS) Central Bureau, JPL/Caltech, 4800 Oak Grove Dr., PAsadena, CA, 91109 USA.
  • Prof. Eric Calais, Purdue University, Department of Earth and Atmospheric science, 550 Stadium Mall drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA.

IGCP 565 Mailing list

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