Projects contributing to the IGCP 565 Project

The following on-going projects contribute to IGCP 565 Project:

  • Synthesis of NASA Data on Earth's Changing Geometrical and Gravitational Shapes to Assess Changes in Terrestrial Water Storage and its Effect on Sea Level, Lithospheric Loading, and Earth Rotation, to Image Mantle Rheology. NASA, 10/01/04 – 09/30/08, Co-I.s: Plag
  • The Global Geodetic Observing System: Meeting the Requirements of a Global Society on a Changing Planet in 2020. JPL/NASA, 07/24/06- 06/30/08, P.I.: Plag. See the GGOS 2020 web page at for more details.
  • Surface Mass Loads from GRACE, GPS, and Earth Rotation Measurements. NASA, 11/01/07-10/31/10, P.I. Gross, Co-P.I.: Plag.
  • Development and Evaluation of a California Water and Energy Model, CEC, 11/2005 -11/2007/, P.I.: Miller.
  • Environmental Geodesy: Variations of Sea Level and Water Storage in the Australian Region, Australia, 2007-2012, Co-P.I. Rizos. A full description of the project is available as pdf.
  • TIVAGAM – Time-Variable Gravity and Surface Mass Processes: Validation, Processing and First Application of Satellite Gravity Data. BMBF Geotechnologien, 09/01/06-08/31/08, P.I. Rothacher, Co-P.I.: R. Dietrich, P. Doell, W. Freeden. See TIVAGAM.

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