The IGCP 565 Project Library


Project Reports

Plag, H.-P., 2011. Annual Report 2011 (pdf)

Plag, H.-P., 2010. Annual Report 2010 (pdf)

Plag, H.-P., 2010. Annual Report 2009 (pdf)

Plag, H.-P., 2009. Annual Report 2008 (pdf)

Workshop Reports

Plag, H.-P., 2011. Workshop Report, Fourth Annual Workshop 2011 (pdf)

Plag, H.-P., 2011. Workshop Report, Third Annual Workshop 2010 (pdf)

Relevant External Reports

Koop, R. and Rummel, R. (eds.), 2008. The Future of Satellite Gravimetry. Report from the Workshop on The Future of Satellite Gravimetry, 12-13 April 2007, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands (pdf)

Greb, S. and Herlevi, A. (eds.), 2007. GEO Inland and Nearshore Coastal Water Quality. Final Report of the Remote Sensing Workshop, 27 - 29 March 2007, Geneva, Switzerland (pdf)

Faures, J. M., 2006. Water Monitoring - Mapping Existing Global Systems & Initiatives Background Document - August 2006. Report prepared by FAO on behalf of the UN-Water Task Force on Monitoring (pdf).

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